The Barrymore Story

Barrymore Furniture began in the grand old brick factory on King Street West in Toronto in 1919, and has been a Canadian tradition ever since. What sets Barrymore Furniture apart is that they never compromise the quality of their beautifully made furniture. Meticulous hand-finishing, pattern-matching and stitching as well as bench-made construction in time-honoured tradition ensures that every Barrymore piece is of unequaled quality and will last for generations.

Why Barrymore?

Barrymore Furniture is proudly environmentally responsible. The company recycles thousands of pounds of scrap material every year, uses frames made from hardwood harvested under strict government supervision, and has reduced their total VOC emissions by 95%. Barrymore uses environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to make the most beautiful, comfortable sofa chairs in the world. Barrymore Furniture is the perfect addition to our team of brands.

What to Expect

Every detail of a Barrymore Furniture piece has been refined and adjusted to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The furniture is not manufactured, it is made by hand, and made for generations. Barrymore Furniture’s cutters, sewers and upholsterers have years of training, experience and dedication at work. With meticulous attention to detail, you can expect only the highest quality from Barrymore Furniture.