The Palliser Story

Winnipeg-based and family-owned Palliser Furniture was founded in 1944 by Abram DeFehr. Crafted in North America and fuelled by a strong sense of community, Palliser values doing things the “right” way. “Right” means well thought out designs executed with care, and a focus on quality. Palliser designs seating solutions for even the most challenging spaces to provide you with more time to spend together.

Why Palliser?

Palliser is dedicated to reducing their environmental impact. They achieve this by keeping their manufacturing operations within North America, thereby avoiding overseas shipping. In addition to this, with great efficiency and care, Palliser is dedicated to eliminating waste wherever possible. The company recycles thousands of pounds of scrap leather, foam, and scrap metals per year. Their commitment to the environment combined with their quality crafted pieces is why we are sure you will love our selection of Palliser Furniture!

What to Expect

Palliser Furniture is proudly built by North American craftspeople. Every piece created by them is a signature piece. Palliser sources only the finest materials which go through rigorous quality control processes, creating products that are built to last. Quality checks occur at every step of the production process and continuous improvements are essential in creating their beautiful, durable furniture.