The Quoizel Story

Founded in 1930 in New York, Quoizel has grown significantly in size since then, though they have never lost sight of their small business heritage — the company remains privately held, and family owned and operated. At Quoizel, they create more than lighting – they create timeless pieces designed with you in mind. This is achieved by avoiding trends and fads, by balancing form and function and by making choices thoughtfully.

Why Quoizel?

Quoizel Lighting encompasses a diverse range of styles which are rooted in the brand’s use of natural materials that are indigenous to exotic lands, and hands-on techniques passed down over generations by the company’s craftspeople. Quoizel consider themselves “artisans in lighting,” and have earned their badge of artistry with their updated traditional lighting that is manufactured to the highest quality standards using superb materials. Make sure to visit our showroom to see our selection of Quoizel fine lighting fixtures.

What to Expect

With the company’s passion for artistry, the brand offers close to 2,000 lighting products and home accessories to illuminate your space. This kind of dedication, integrity and quality not only goes into the design of Quoizel’s products, but into the way they treat business as well. It is why they have grown from a small company to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting.