Universal Furniture

The Universal Story

Good, affordable, smart design. At Universal Furniture, the inspiration behind their furniture comes not from their experience in the factory, but from their everyday lives; their friends, family, and colleagues. The company’s style is unleashed by constantly consuming life. Fun truly occurs when you are experiencing a warm, home cooked meal. You could say that by living well, Universal creates their best work.

Why Universal?

At Universal Furniture, they focus on styling that endures but remains fresh, pricing that puts high-quality products within reach, and features that fit the furniture to the way customers live today. These principles guide the work at Universal. Smart design realizes that furniture must not only satisfy our senses but must also meet practical needs in our everyday lives. Visit our showroom to see our wonderful selection of Universal Furniture.

What to Expect

“Design enters a more intelligent dimension with built-in features that make these furnishings function beautifully.” Universal is recognized as a leader in exceptionally crafted furnishings for the home, including complete bedroom, dining room, entertainment centres, wall units and home office selections.