The Uttermost Story

Family owned and founded by Rob and Belle Cooper, 2017 marks Uttermost’s 42nd anniversary in business. Uttermost is passionate about what they do, what they believe and who they are. The company’s mission is simple: to make great home accessories at a reasonable price. Every day, Uttermost focuses on developing the latest designs, knowing that good design means nothing without quality manufacturing, and making sure all their products exceed expectations.

Why Uttermost?

The Uttermost culture is founded on the concept of partners in business. From the designer who envisions and creates the new idea to the craftsman in the factory who transforms that idea into a finished product, to the retailer who selects and merchandises that new item, we’re all dependent on each other. The company’s outlook is one of mutual respect for all of their partners in business. Make sure to take a look at our selection of Uttermost furnishings!

What to Expect

The Uttermost designers include Carolyn Kinder, Grace Feyock, Billy Moon, Matthew Williams, David Frisch, Joe Famulari, and Constance Lael-Linyard. The company offers one of the broadest and most current product lines in the world, including accent furniture, decorative mirrors, art, clocks, lamps, lighting fixtures, botanicals, and accessories. You can be certain that with Uttermost pieces, no shortcuts are taken in manufacturing, in order to make the highest quality product for your home.